Supply Chain Collaboration

Supply Chain Collaboration is the key success factor in fashion (apparel, shoes, sports) and needs attention from companies that are struggling with this subject. FashionUnited eBusiness is able to help you to build policies around business models like VMI, consignment and concession. It is time to investigate how you need to adept your business within the changing markets and lower margins.


Connectivity is the only effective way to set-up smooth business models between retailers and suppliers. Risks are shared between the partners in the supply chain and without data exchange the risks cannot be managed properly. The EDI data exchange always must have advantages for both partners and build a better over all control within the channel.


To co-operate  you need at least two partners with the intention to improve their performance. These business partners generally have themselves also several technical partners (ERP System, eCommerce system, etc). Co-operation can only be effective when all parties involved have the same goal and are able to adjust their business to exchange more detailed EDI data.

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